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   Here are some before and after shots of some of M.C.T.'s  projects!

This patio was dull and faded from the years in the elements!

After: Completely transformed into a true piece of artwork and brought back to life!

This stoop was stained, popped overall in poor shape!

Cleaned up with our hallmark system and now protected for years of lasting beauty and durability!

Counter top refinish:

This is a basement/rec room floor before M.C.T. transformed it.

Now that's a place to entertain.

Rec Room Floor


Damaged and discolored Garage floorNow this Garage floor is protected and has a clean new look.


Now that's a Show piece!


Garage Floor that was pitted and stained.


Protected, durable and a clean new look!
New Construction Driveway

Beautiful new construction driveway. Concrete made simple.

Metallic Epoxy Showroom Floor  WOW

Unbelievable epoxy showroom floor. Epoxy refector is super HOT

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